What are PVC Banners?

What are PVC Banners?
PVC Banners are one of the best ways of promoting your product, workplace or event. Made from durable, hard wearing PVC, banners are digitally printed in full colour then hemmed & eyeletted with metal grommets so ready to hang using rope, zip ties or bungee cords etc
PVC banners are everywhere, Railings in high traffic areas, attached to scaffolding, outside the local church, shops, markets, pubs & at nearly all sporting events. They are low cost but make a big impact. PVC banners can be put up & taken down to move to different locations and can also be rolled when in storage.
The most common type of banner is 440gsm Pvc which is durable enough for long term indoors & short to medium term use in all weather. 
Mesh banner is another type of banner that is made with thousands of small perforations which allow wind to pass through them so they are perfectly suited for buildings, cranes, scaffolding etc, as they are more likely to stand up to stronger winds than a standard PVC banner would be able to, Mesh banner is also ideal for using on Heras fencing as they won’t cause the fencing to fall over in strong winds.
All of our banners are printed at the highest quality settings for a clear,  vibrant image, are fully weatherproof & suitable for both indoor & outdoor use.
When you order a banner from Pvc Banners Direct you can rest assured you will receive a quality item.